Glaze making for porcelain ceramics

Beth Johnson Ceramics 2014

Glazed ceramic tests before firing

Beth Johnson Ceramics

Glazed ceramic tests after firing

Beth Johnson Ceramics 2014Today I have been mixing glazes! This is exciting as it means that I am one step closer to the final firing (my ceramics require two firings in the kiln). When I open the kiln door and as if by magic that fragile thing that I have spent hours developing and making has become a beautiful, robust, and now useful piece of tableware. It never looks the same: when you place it in the kiln to when you take it out. That’s the beauty of it.
And when you make your first piece that doesn’t fall to pieces in the firing, and that actually looks good once the firing is done… That’s when you can appreciate the satisfying, and sometimes frustrating process of making ceramics.

Beth Johnson Ceramics 2014


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